Why Aren’t There More Blizzards in the Video Game Industry?

I used to work for a big video game studio that specialized in making licensed hand-held games which were primarily directed towards kids and teens. We’d have regular company meetings and during one such meeting one of our top designers who was a Warcraft RTS fanatic (he played feverishly during his lunch and even after work) defiantly stood up and asked this emperor has no clothes type of question:

Why can’t we be like Blizzard?

The CEO of our company was slightly taken aback. He replied that he thought the strength of our company was in sticking to the current formula of making games that tie into various movie releases and that there was no possible way we could ever be like Blizzard. End of discussion.

Needless to say many of us in the audience were disappointed as we ambled back to our beige industrial cubicles.