Wikipedia Marxism Post-Modernism Propaganda

This page is a repository for news stories that demonstrate that Wikipedia is nothing more than Marxist and post-Modern propaganda.

Wikipedia Editors Sanitize the Page of Potential Biden VP Kamala Harris

An article in the Intercept last week reported that a Wikipedia editor was scrubbing the page of former Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), considered a prominent member of the shortlist to be Joe Biden’s Vice Presidental pick. The piece mentioned changes such as removing a past campaign finance scandal and Harris’ record as a hard-line prosecutor. Changes not mentioned include removals of the alleged role nepotism played in her early political career and significant favorable additions about Harris.

Wikipedia Editors Censor Antifa Involvement in Riots, Past Violence

Published by Breitbart June 18, 2020

After riots over the death of George Floyd in police custody prompted renewed attention to the violent far-left group Antifa, editors on Wikipedia sought to keep out or minimize any mention of Antifa’s involvement in rioting as part of the group’s page on the site. Material about past Antifa violence was also removed and an effort has been made to soften or remove the description of Antifa as a far-left militant group.

Facebook Embraces Wikipedia as ‘Arbiter of Truth’

Published by Breitbart June 13, 2020

Facebook is testing a new feature that integrates Wikipedia pages in Facebook search results. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger admitted in May that the popular open collaboration encyclopedia is riddled with leftist bias.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook is testing a new feature that integrates Wikipedia information in Facebook search results. The function will provide users with information from Wikipedia when searching for things like politicians, movies, and celebrities with the Facebook search bar.

Wikipedia: A Disinformation Operation?

Published by Zerohedge March 10, 2020

Wikipedia is generally thought of as an open, transparent, and mostly reliable online encyclopedia. Yet upon closer inspection, this turns out not to be the case.

In fact, the English Wikipedia with its 9 billion worldwide page views per month is governed by just 500 active administrators, whose real identity in many cases remains unknown.

Moreover, studies have shown that 80% of all Wikipedia content is written by just 1% of all Wikipedia editors, which again amounts to just a few hundred mostly unknown people.