Windows 7 Fix For Losing Connection to the Internet

Like many PC users and avid gamers, last week I purchased and installed Windows 7. This new operating system from Microsoft was supposed to have fixed many of the stability problems encountered with Vista.

Within minutes of upgrading my Vista 64-bit version of Windows to Windows 7, I started losing my connection to the Internet approximately 30-60 minutes. For no apparent reason, my computer which was attached to the Internet via a D-Link Gamerlounge router would drop it’s connection while the other computer running Windows XP hooked up to the very same router enjoyed uninterrupted Internet service.

I would get the following message when I hovered over the Internet/Network: the default gateway is not available. Each time I would right click on the connection icon and select the “Troubleshoot Options” it would eventually repair the problem and reconnect to the Internet.

Here’s a possible fix I found for this on the forums:

Press the Start Button.

Select the Control Panel.

Under Network and Internet select View Network Status and Tasks.

In the View your Connections section, click on Your Local Area Connection which will bring up a new window.

Click on Properties.

Uncheck the box on the same line as Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6).

Click Ok, then click Close.

Welcome back to uninterrupted connection to the Internet!


Update: A few days after posting this article I started getting disconnections again. I noticed that it was during large file downloads. I had purchased an album on iTunes and during the course of the download my internet connection was getting dropped. I have found an additional fix that has seemingly solved the problem. Go to your Device Manager, then go to your network adapter click on properties, then click on configure. You should see an advanced tab now; scroll down till you see the property receive side scaling. Now on the left side you’ll see a value box, make sure it is set to disabled for this property. Hope this helps!

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  1. Thank you so much! I was so tired of this happening. My old computer never did this. Maybe it’s a 64bit thing…

  2. Hello Everyone,

    I had the same problem and searched for 2 days for an answer.

    I am running Intel Centrino Wireless n 1030 in Windows 7.

    I finally came across an updated driver for the Centrino Wireless n 1030. It was updated 5/2011 which was more current than the 12/2010 version I had on my computer.

    When you log onto the site it says that !This driver is not designed for you computer!, but I downloaded and installed it anyways.


    I hope this helps…


  3. Hey bro i don’t get it it fix my problem but after like an hour or so it start losing my internet connection than i have to do it again is this suppose to happen ?? if it not can u email me and tell me how to fix it thank you !!!

  4. Hi,

    I had this problem, and after trying many other solutions offered here and elsewhere, what sorted my computer out was simply to go to the ethernet adaptor’s manufacturer page and update the drivers.

  5. I had a new WIN 7 laptop that was continually losing its wireless connection to the internet. It always showed ‘CONNECTED’, but with ‘limited connectivity’ and other problems.

    The fix was going into the power settings and disabling the power saving feature of the Atheros WiFi adaptor.

  6. I had this problem. Kept tellling me is was connection to router, moden, connection or gateway not avail. After a several attempts at following everyones receommendations to no avail. I quit. Then I read about AD-Blockers.. So I downloaded the top 3 ad blockers and all my problems were solved. Since then I have not had any problems. This was the fix and since then I have not lost connection one time. Just my opinion. But certainly worth the try.

    • hi,

      I am facing the same problem from some days. can you say which ad blockers you installed on your system ? it would be a great help. Appreciate for your solutions in this forum.

    • How Did u do? My internet connection still “no network access available” :( Its really bad. can u help me? Email me please -.-

  7. I found my old comment, over a year ago, about this not being solved. Still hasn’t been solved, the IP 6 does nothing. A few times a day the internet just seems to stop, pages stop loading, can’t access networked PCs, everything just… freezes. Firewalls disabled, virus checkers turned off, no spyware, all updates, etc. Never had a problem like this with Windows XP, 2000, 98, or 95. I have to say I hate Windows 7

  8. This fix did not work. I still lose connection often when going from one site to another or lose connection when playing yahoo games. I have looked and tried everything recommended fix I can find concerning this problem in windows 7 IE9 and as far as I know at this writing there is none, nutta , no fix. PS I tired all the DNS servers recommened as well still problem exist. My system is 5 months old and I personally believe it is the in programing of this system and it should be a microsoft or Dell fix. Just my opinion.

  9. i am constantly losing connection on my laptop . i thought it was down to my internet provider plusnet-which to be honest offer me a poor service .if i simply switch off my laptop and switch it on again hey presto ! everything is hunky dory once again , can switching the laptop off all the time damage the laptop ?

  10. After WEEKS of having my internet connection unavailable after my Win 7/Dell computer woke up from sleep/hibernate, I have found a solution.

    I read several places about the duplex/network speed configure function for the ethernet router being set to “Auto negotiation”. Then I read that my network card duplex/network speed may also have the same setting.

    I figured that if both the router and the NIC were trying to auto set, and neither was set to a specific speed that setting one to a ‘hard’ setting might solve the issue.

    I set my NIC this way in Windows 7:

    1. Start

    2. Type “Device Manager”, press enter or double click the entry for DM

    3. Scroll down to “Network Adapters” and expand the tree

    4. Right-click your network card and select “Properties”

    5. Select the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to “Link Speed & Duplex”

    6. The Value on the right is probably set to “Auto Negotiation”,
    change it to “100Mbs Full Duplex” or whatever is the maximum speed
    of your network card.

    7. Click “OK”, close Device Manager and reboot.

    I made this change about 2 weeks ago. I am pleased to report that since doing so, my Win 7 box now resumes from sleep and the internet connection hasn’t been down once.

    I sincerely hope this helps others to fix the same frustrating issue with their connection.


  11. Hi to all!
    Remember this steps are unusefull for this!
    everyone keep saying about this resolving problem and Reset Winsock sorry for my words but this resolving streps sux! I think this problem is not fixable!

    Only if someone resolve this problem without buying another network card, please to record the video with this problem and fixing it!!


  12. Just to add to this fix:
    I did no have the control ‘receive side scaling, however I did have ‘task offload’ and this was the culprit. The problem is fixed.

  13. i have encountered a problem of deleting default gateway automatically as and when i shut down the laptop. To have lease line internet connectivity next i always have to enter default gateway manually which i didn’t had to before. How can i fix this problem?

    • I had the same problem with only one solution.
      Shrink WindBlows partition and install Kubuntu in the unallocated space.
      Use Kubuntu instead of Win8
      No problem with Linux.
      Problem solved.

  14. My netbook using:

    Acer aspire one – Netbook [A0532h]
    OP: windows 7 starter
    Processor: Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz 1.77GHz
    RAM: 2 G
    System type: 32 bit
    Networking connection adapter:
    Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20)

    I have the same connection problem
    “default gateway is not available”
    I’ve tried some recommendations given in websites
    And I’ve changed already the value in
    Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller’s speed and duplex
    Become 100 Mbps with the result totally losing my connection
    And asking me to plug the connection wire.

    And I’ve also reinstalled my windows 7 with results no change,
    Still having the same problem like before.

    Please help me fix this problem
    Thank you.

  15. All of you are wrong. You got a virus from either a porn site or k-lite codec pack, which you downloaded to watch porn. It installs a script file that runs when your system goes idle. It reconfigures your home network and locks you out. Look for a process running in the task manager with the description “Firefox”. You can terminate it, but it comes right back on. Click on it to go to the file containing the process, then back out to the folder. It’s called Lenovo. With both, the folder and task manager on screen, quickly end the process then delete the folder. Open regedit and search for “Lenovo”. Delete, hit F3 to find next, delete, keep going until end. Reboot.

  16. I have tried for 2 years to fix this intermittent internet connection. I’d have to unplug my ethernet cable from the wall, then plug it back in about 15 times a day. I FINALLY SOLVED THE PROBLEM. It wasn’t Windows 7, it was AVG Free, my antivirus! I went into add/remove programs and deleted AVG Free, then I downloaded Avast Free instead. I also went into Control Panel, then Performance Information and Tools, the “Adjust Power Settings” and made it where it’s high performance and can’t do any power saving. Deactivated screen saver powering down, etc. Then from start menu, type “device manager, click on “network adapter”, then click on your adapter, then go into Power Management and make sure all are unchecked (f you are not using a laptop). I also went somewhere else (can’t find it now) and changed my setting from the computer deciding on the setting, to changing it to 100 mps. I have not lost a connection in 3 whole days! I believe the MAIN problem was the AVG free conflicting with Windows 7. Maybe you won’t even have to do the other fixes that I mentioned, but if you have any intermittent problems after loading Avast, then try those fixes too. :-)

  17. I spoke too soon. Replacing the AVG antivirus with the Avast gave me a perfect, non stop internet service for 3 days, then it started failing again. Why is it, every time we make a change with any of the suggestions above, it DOES work for a few days, then goes back to losing connection? Ugh. Well, I just tried your suggestion, Sido, we will see….

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