Hail and well met fellow MMORPG enthusiast!

I am a former volunteer┬áSenior Guide with SOE’s EverQuest MMORPG where I was a member of the Norrathian Dramatic & Comedic Society Quest & Events team (2000-2004). As a senior member of the NDCS, I was involved with the creation and administration of EverQuest dynamic live events, quests, storytellers, persistent characters and other role-playing activities that were performed by Game Masters and Guides for the players of EverQuest. (Although I have been critical of SOE in the past, I do owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for allowing me to be a part of the Guide Program in a virtual world that I cared deeply about.)

After leaving the EQ Guide Program in 2004, I became somewhat of a crusader for casual gamers in MMOs. Casual gamers are a very important constituency that rarely has anyone to speak for them. So I created Wolfshead — my nom de guerre. (Wolfshead is an old English term for an outlaw and I’m a huge fan of the Robin Hood legend).

As Wolfshead, I posted a long open letter on Woody Hearn’s GU Comics site lamenting the state of EQ and providing solutions to fix an online game that was near and dear to my heart. Interestingly enough, my letter resonated with many EQ players as it was reprinted and linked on many independent EQ sites around the world. After the much ballyhooed “guild summit”, SOE made positive changes to EQ which addressed some of my concerns.

During 2005, I became a staff writer for Grimwell Online and GamerGod.com. I authored articles on game design and MMO issues which I have mirrored here on my own site. I was also very actively involved in many MMO design discussion forums and still am to a degree. While I no longer have the time to contribute articles with the same frequency as in days gone by, I do try and post the occasional entry on my blog site.

For 2 years (2006-2007 ), I was employed as video game designer with a large company in the Seattle area. There I worked on 4 shipped chart topping AAA+ titles for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and the Nintendo DS.

Throughout my career, I have also been an art, design and production consultant for various MMO companies.

As time has passed and I have had the opportunity to wear many hats which has enabled me to see the video gaming world through different lenses as: player, guild leader, volunteer guide, blogger, writer, game designer, and consultant. Throughout all of these experiences there has been one constant: a passion for virtual worlds.

For the past few years, I have been focusing on writing about the infiltration of identity politics, neo-Marxism, and post-modernism of the video game industry and the video game media.

I am currently hard at work on an unannounced indie video game.

Thanks for stopping by!