My Red Shirt Guy Challenge to Blizzard to Support Asperger Syndrome Charity

Today Kotaku reported that the Red Shirt Guy, who attended BlizzCon 2010 and rocked the World of Warcraft community with his mad lore skills, released a video where he explained that he was very nervous at the time of his question at the Lore Q&A Panel. He also revealed that he suffers from Asperger Syndrome which is a milder variant of Autistic Disorder.

In honor of the Red Shirt Guy’s unfailing courage to speak up in-front of thousands of people at BlizzCon and those watching via DirecTV pay-per-view at home, I’m going to donate $100 to the US Asperger’s Association which is a registered 501 (c) (3) charity here in the USA.  I respectfully challenge Blizzard Entertainment to match or exceed this donation to this or any other Asperger or Autism charity. I also encourage everyone to help donate to any of these worthwhile charities to help fight these debilitating childhood and adult disorders.

Even though I am a frequent critic of Blizzard’s design philosophy, I want to acknowledge that Blizzard Entertainment is indeed a class act and has a gigantic heart when it comes to supporting worthwhile causes such as the Make a Wish Foundation.

A few years ago, Blizzard made little Ezra Chatterton’s wish come true when they flew him out to Irvine California to create his own permanent in-game NPC. Every time I pass his tauren character Ahab Wheathoof in Mulgore looking for his pet dog, I get all choked up. This is one the most memorable and touching moments of World of Warcraft that I’ve ever experienced. Ezra Chatterton has since passed away and his loving family and friends have created a wonderful memorial website in his name.

I’d also like to suggest that Blizzard should somehow honor the courage and dedication of this fine young man known as the Red Shirt Guy by either naming a dwarf character in WoW after him or inviting him down to Irvine and giving him a tour of the Blizzard campus.

As a shy and socially awkward kid growing up, I’d like to say that the Red Shirt Guy’s determination to stand up and make his voice heard despite being afflicted by this disorder has been an inspiration to thousands of WoW fans and gamer geeks around the world.

You rock Red Shirt Guy!!!


Here’s the YouTube video which the Red Shirt Guy released today:

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